updated January 30, 2021

We Intentionally Alter Our Visual And Sound Perceptions

Using our mind, as a creation of neurons, we intentionally alter multiple perceptions.

Perceptions are a fundamental part of the universe like Gravity.

I bet all animals, including insects, have inner people and inner beings other than pilot of the brain.

All of life interacts as electromagnetic wave creations.

Sharks use this to great effect.

I would like to find all the mind skilled people like myself on the planet and prove mind movement between humans is possible. A public scientific demonstration has never occured.

Worldwide Directory of People With Perception Altering Talent

United States

Keeping your machine luks or login password safe from your mind, in case you worry about this

Download Ubuntu (the older 14.04 works)

Run as a live DVD Download and install Java and KeePassX ("Ubuntu Software Center") Download duckencode.jar Disconnect from the internet
Create a luks passphrase with KeePassX (40 characters works)
Run gedit (top left "Search" button and type "gedit")

Open a terminal window (Ctrl-Alt-T)

copy the compiled code to your rubber ducky

For other passwords, you can use Keepass, which also protects against keyboard tempest. Hopefully we mandate encryption between keyboards and computers. Further, imagine a laptop containing two physically isolated systems that talk to each other over an onboard network. Your email, banking, etc is done on the lightweight system and everything else is installed to the other system that is more likely to be compromised by all the programs we install to it. This idea is Patent Left.